Meet the team

Between them, our management team has over 20 years experience in developing and running successful businesses and eCommerce websites.

Our small engineering team has over 10 years experience in software engineering, with four Bachelors degrees and two Masters degrees in Engineering between them.

Our design team has over 10 years experience in website design, content writing, photography, and general design.

Our team team is small, with a flat hierarchy, which means that we are very mobile and adjustable. There is always someone available to attend to any issues that you may encounter.

Managing Director
Chris Lemmer
[email protected]
Director and COO
Jacs Lemmer
[email protected]
Zaach Smith
[email protected]
Account Manager and Sales
Leon de Beer
[email protected]
Senior Software Engineer
Stephan Hendriks
[email protected]
Senior Software Engineer
Martin Roestorff
[email protected]
Junior Software Engineer
Ming Gao
[email protected]
Content Writer and SEO Manager
Minette Meijer
Madeleen Roestorff
[email protected]
Creative Director, Content Creator & Design
Louw Lemmer
[email protected]
Graphics Designer
Jean Lombard

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