Building an Online Reputation: The Importance of Quality Content

In thinking about the internet as being similar to a city, with the websites one visits being akin to the buildings one enters in a physical city, it is important to remember that a well-designed website is not enough – you need a good reputation. A good reputation online is an essential part of gaining customer trust. In our previous post we noted how a high-quality website can add to this reputation, by showing you the similarities between such a site and a beautiful building. Let us now take a closer look at the importance of the content on your website, by again inspecting some of its real-life parallels.

The Power of the Negative

It is a psychological fact that humans experience a loss of a certain size more vividly than a gain of equal size. It is a more emotionally acute experience to lose your car than to get a car. Defects are more noticeable than perfection. This can be clearly seen in the adverse effevt dat wuld manifest if I were to spell a few words wrong. It is very noticeable (you noticed it right?) and distasteful. It shows a lack of thoroughness and care for one’s work. One word spelt wrong has the capacity to erode the trustworthiness of a message that had a thousand words spelled correctly.

Don’t miss this – people notice your mistakes more easily than your strengths. They notice a rude employee in a store, a slight defect in your product or an order that takes too long to reach them – and they notice this without even trying. It is glaringly obvious to them.

If you can remember that the online world works on the same basic rules of human interaction as the physical world, then you will realize that a bad piece of content on your website is, to a user, the same thing as an incompetent and rude in-store assistant. Since the content (in the form of videos, images and words) exists to help a user and to win him over, it is the virtual parallel of interacting with employees at a company. Yes, there still exists “real” customer service on many websites, but this is frequently more like calling a waiter to complain about the cold meal, than it is like being served a good meal and barely noticing the waiters, because they do everything perfectly. Bad content (an incomprehensible product description, for example) is like a waiter dropping your food. In both instances the company has failed to serve you seamlessly. Because your online content is supposed to serve customers, it will be understood by your customers as rude if it does not do its job, or if it does it in bad style.

Showcase Character Through Your Content

Once a website has been created, once a virtual building in the city of the internet has been erected, it has to be filled with quality content. Think about this content as both information that serves your customers and as a chance to showcase your character. Your website must answer the questions your customers will have, in an engaging manner, while leaving a positive first impression. The good news tied to the idea that users see content as representatives of your company is the control this gives you over the public’s perception of your character.

Since one video, or one blog post, can serve hundreds, even hundreds of thousands of clients, you can use more resources to ensure that they see your high standards and your quality work. You can showcase your character with precision.
Doing this, producing large amounts of high quality content for your site, will not only improve your reputation among the public but also (if done in conjunction with SEO) among search engines like Google – since they have been specifically designed to find websites with worthwhile content.

Yes, a good website, like a beautiful building, is very important. People do judges books by their covers. But they recommend books based on the content. Based on the character of the book.

Your website will never be complete without creative and informative content. Make sure that you showcase the good qualities of your company not only from the moment people land on your page, but also after they have searched out your character by consuming the content on all your pages.

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Author: Josua Botha