Simple Tips That Will Boost Your Brand Online

Out with the old and in with the new. That’s exactly the sort of mindset you should be prioritising right now. Whether you own a brick and mortar store or not, potential customers will be scouring your online presence. Making sure that your online personality is attractive and relevant is more vital than ever. 

I know it might seem quite intimidating right now. Boosting your brand into an online success can be expensive and daunting. However, failing to keep up can prove to even more costly and potentially terminal. There is a simple remedy to this challenge though. Have a look at some of our tips to boosting your online brand. While you’re reading, keep in mind that SwiftCom’s team of technical and creative experts can assist you with all the tasks that might seem too daunting. 

Brand Awareness 

It would be utterly useless for you to spend a fortune on your online look without allocating budget for advertising. Yes, one thing that can slip the minds of eager entrepreneurs is that they won’t get noticed by merely updating their online framework and visuals. Without effective and creative campaigns your business will not be able to connect with your desired audience. And without an audience… I’ll let that thought trail off in the distance while you complete it. Here are a few of the ways in which you can boost your brand awareness and get more leads 

Google Ads

Not investing in Google Ads would literally be like ignoring a guaranteed stream brand awareness and conversions. The best part of utilising Google Ads is that, if correctly created, you could see leads flowing from day one. Think about it. The google search bar is full of people already searching for exactly what they want or need. Your customers are already researching the products which you sell. All you need to do is tap into that stream. And if you need help setting up and managing your Google Ads account, SwiftCom a contact click away. 

Landing Page

The page that your ads are directed to is known as a landing page. In fact, any page that a user visits from Google search or from posts you share on Facebook is known as a landing page. Trust me when I say you want to ensure these pages are as good as possible. Your brand and ad performance will be directly impacted by the landing page. If it’s not up to scratch you’ll lose a customer and the amount of money spent on acquiring that click (you could end up spending a lot of money on wasted clicks if your website’s pages aren’t decent).

Speed Matters

There is a reason why speed is among the top design trends of 2020. This fact is especially relevant given the recent introduction of 5G. Your customers will now have a network that supports and satisfies their need for instant gratification. Ever get irritated by long and annoying queues? Yes? Then you should try to avoid thrusting that burden upon those who visit your online store. SwiftCom can help you solve any web optimisation problems without the immediate need of a rebuild. Although, this is dependent on the existing technology on your website. 

The Power of Consistent Visuals

Ever walk into a Seattle Coffee Co store? If you’re like me, you probably spend a pretty penny fueling your caffeine addiction at their shops. But, more importantly, have you paid attention to the pure consistent genius of their brand? Every single Seattle Coffee has the most wonderfully consistent aesthetic while boasting a subtle element of uniqueness that is synonymous with its location. Their brand is instantly recognisable. In fact, the consistency of their overall aesthetic is so pure that you could be forgiven for not noticing it anymore. You walk in expecting class. It feels right. And that is why you constantly go back, because who wouldn’t visit a place that is as familiar as home? Creating an online brand should follow this example. If you can find a way in which your brand’s content feels like home, you’ll be wildly successful. 

The Smartest Move

The best move you can make is to hire an expert. Just like you have all the answers when it comes to making your product, a savvy technical and creative partner will have the right strategies to help you become successful online. At SwiftCom we value the challenge of creating unique and successful online platforms. We also excel in creating content that will stand out and boost your brand online. We have multiple packages that are tailored to your unique needs. Contact us for a quote today.