Why Secure Hosting is Important for Your Website

Proper and secure hosting for your website is much more important than we all think. People think that building the websites in a proper form is more important than hosting the end-product on a proper server. But, this isn’t very accurate.

Security for a website is very important. Keeping the website up to date is also just as important. The destination server and environment also adds to importance of hosting.

Let’s start by addressing the points.


These days’ hackers look for easy targets to hack. They would send out web crawlers to look for vulnerable WordPress or Joomla or any such CMS installations. These bots will check for the latest vulnerabilities in your website. They simply get an updated list of vulnerabilities in say the latest WordPress release guide or so on. WordPress scan tools like WPScan that typically make use of tools like Ruby have an updated list of vulnerabilities inside WordPress. These tools run scans on multiple WordPress sites and look for the ones that are exposed. They can then notify a hacker so the next step in the hacking can take place. If a web hosting company has servers that don’t block these attacks with tools like ModSecurity hackers can easily start playing around on your site. This is why it’s extremely important to have the right web hosting company.

Stronger Security Protects Your Website

If you run 10 or 20 or 100 websites for arguments sake, keeping all of them updated with the latest plugins and testing to make sure updates were successful, can pose as a very hard task. This is why having a secure web server can help you so much more. Instead of you trying to keep all the WordPress installations up to date, you could fix the problem at a central point so all the websites can benefit from it. Tools like ModSecurity can do just this. It can update on a daily basis with the latest set of security rules. These rules are like updating an Antivirus on your computer. They look for malicious scripts and things passing though Apache. If ModSecurity detects such activities, it blocks the request form reaching your website. This then help a vulnerable WordPress site from being attacked. Now, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to update your WordPress site. ModSecurity can keep your website very secure but can never block all requests. So, making use of a proper website panel can sort this issue out.

Using Proper Website Panels

Using a proper website panel is just as crucial as having good security. Website panels like Parallels Plesk can make day to day tasks very easy. Plesk has a built in engine that can communicate with WordPress, retrieving plugins versions, theme versions and WordPress versions. It will then download those plugin for you, and, depending if you set it to auto update, it will update the WordPress site and should errors occur, send you and e-mail. You can now see how not only a single element is needed to secure websites, instead, many work together to build a very strong security wall.

Why Little Things can Protect You

If you take many little steps and secure your website as best as possible, hackers will move on to other vulnerable websites instead of stopping at your website and trying to actually hack it. The reason for this is that hacking a small website with very strong security is not worth the time. If you were the hosting provider of a website like Apple for instance, hacking it would be a great achievement. But hacking a little website with 10 or 20 visits a day, isn’t exactly feather in the hat.

Having a Fast Server is Important

Google can also look at loading speeds when accessing your website. Not only can it check how fast the website responds to a web crawler, but it can also look at how fasts the website loads when a public users accesses it. If your website took 30-60 seconds to load, Google wouldn’t likely list it above another website with similar content to yours that took 2-3 seconds to load. This then proves that it is very important to find a proper web host. Don’t just host your website on a random company’s server that you haven’t really heard of. For all you know, they have a PC at home running on an unstable connection.

These are just some points that you could look at before finding the right website hosting company for your website. I hope you found this article helpful and could extract some information form it to secure your website even better.

At ApexSystems our idea is to comply with the above list, but, not only that. We do so much more to insure that your website is always secure and up to date.

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