Why Your Brand Probably Needs A New Website

It’s 2020 and your company is struggling to compete with those brand new websites the cool kids use. Time is running out, it does not care about us nor our dreams. The future looms, ready to suck the life out of those who fail to keep up. In the famous words of Steve Jobs, there’s one more thing. There is always one more thing you have to worry about, to do, to stop or to change. In order to run a successful e-commerce business in 2020, your to-do list should probably start by changing your entire website. Here’s why. 

It’s Not Mobile Friendly

Did you know that over 52% of internet traffic and 69% of all product research comes from mobile devices? And this number is growing rapidly. Future customers will interact directly with your business via that hand-sized device in their pockets. Therefore, your e-commerce success will relate directly to how optimised your website is for different screens. Simply put, if your old website is not mobile-friendly, you’ll probably end up missing out on ⅔ of potential customers. If anything, this is a very good reason why your brand probably needs a new website.

Look And Feel

Ever wonder why successful businessmen always love that saying, dress for success? The reason behind it is because of the mental change it brings. Dressing for success might just help you form a consistent mindset that stimulates the right characteristics required in order to succeed. Whether it works or not, this method is essential when it comes to your brand’s website. Dressing your business for success is a vital part of building a reputable online brand. Would you trust a lawyer or a doctor who is dressed in ugly and old clothes? Probably not, right? Though a person’s ability should never be related to their clothing, there is no denying that we do take it into serious account. The same concept applies (and even more intensely) to your website. If it looks ugly, people will not trust it. Essentially, dressing professionally goes hand-in-hand with believability. SwiftCom can help you with those process and you can find out more by visiting this page.

Page Speed

Chances are, if your website is old, it will also be slow. You can find out what your website page speed is by visiting Google’s PageSpeed Insights. One of the most vital aspects of your new website’s performance will be conversions (high-value actions that turn into leads). Page speed has a direct correlation with the conversion rate (the number of clicks divided by the number of conversions). The slower your website the poorer your conversion rate will be. Spending the cash on maximising your website’s speed will definitely boost your brand’s e-commerce performance.

Impression share 

Ever wonder why your impression share might be very low? Paying for Google Ads that simply do not convert? If you’re facing these challenges it could be because of numerous reasons, your website being of the most likely. A landing page (the page a user lands on after clicking on an ad) has a very vital role to play in attracting customers. If the first page a customer sees is not relevant to the ad or fails to live up to modern standards, they will move on to your competitors. Your brand needs a new website in order to give users the landing page experience they deserve.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has become one of the most talked-about parts of websites in modern times. If you want to find out more about what SEO is, visit this page. Building a new website allows you to install SEO software like Yoast. This software allows you to have real-time feedback on each page’s SEO best practices. You also get to specifically assign meta titles and descriptions which are incredibly handy for Google search and social media. Yoast also makes it very easy to identify and fix the rotten parts of your website.

Change is Good

I know that all of this might seem daunting, especially if you perceive that your website is doing well. I’d like to encourage you that change is good. There is a big chance that your website could be doing much better. An upgrade might also provide the perfect opportunity to start with fresh ideas. The SwiftCom design team specialises in creating unique designs that will help your brand to stand out. Our design process is tailored around what makes your brand special. Boost your brand into the future by building a new website with SwiftCom as your online partner.

Quality Matters

You’ve seen how important high-quality visuals are so you decide to book a professional content creator. But, try as you might, the content simply does not look good on your wonky old website. And it never will. Why? Because your website might be too old to be updated or it simply isn’t designed to showcase your brand new content. Designing and building a website around your brand new content and optimising it to be tweaked in the future is the best way to boost your brand’s visuals into the modern era.


Few things scream, your credit card details are about to be stolen, louder than a dodgy old website. There is just no way in which most of your modern-day audience will make the purchase decision if you don’t have a secure checkout. Safety really is a concern that most people take really seriously. Most people have a natural distrust with disclosing their details online. The more secure and trustworthy your website is the higher chance of converting someone from a lead to a client.

Boost Your e-Commerce

I hope you know that your brand probably needs a new website. I also hope you realise those same principles faced by a brick and mortar store apply to a successful e-commerce website. If you regularly clean and maintain it, big changes will be less common. All you’ll need is a neat facelift every now and then. The better you take care of your physical and online property, the more you will boost your brand. 

What are the next steps to building a brand new website? Find out how SwiftCom can help you by visiting our e-Commerce Website Development page.