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Frequently Asked Questions

Many people don’t understand what the difference between business line application development and web development is. Web development is mainly something like a static website that you use to advertise your services of products. Website mostly have sliding banners and some animations to create intuitive look and feel designs.

Many websites also have the ability for something like online stores. Stores like these are called e-commerce stores. E-commerce stores integrate with payment gateways like PayFast to process payments. Payment gateways like these provide you with the ability to process any credit card or EFT payments. E-commerce stores also have the ability to manage your product stock and collect product information like serial numbers and so forth. An important feature in an e-commerce store is reporting. As client you want the ability to see which products perform well and which don’t.

Line of business development is an online portal that you use to run your business. This is an online portal where you store client information and have complex workflows to process data. Business line information apps can stretch form something as simple as storing client leads in a database to running your whole business and perform complex tasks.

Having a website that sits on page 5 or 6 of a search engine and never grows and gets better ranking is not a worthwhile investment. A website is an important part of your set of marketing tools and having a marketing strategy that does not include SEO (or search engine optimisation) is like having only half of a marketing strategy. With this instant access world where up to an incredible 97% of people are browsing their product and service options on the web before they venture out into the world to make a purchase, having an effective and easy to find website is critically important for the future growth of your business. SEO consists of ongoing processes that need to be applied to your website in order for it to begin to rank well on a search engine. Finding keywords that relate to your business and using them to optimise content is a popular method and backlinks are considered exceptionally important. Using social media will also boost your online presence and it is widely accepted that social media and SEO go hand in hand.

Reporting is a very important feature these days. People love graphs with many colours and they love to see how their website perform. Platforms like Google Analytics allows clients to view the performance and traffic on theirs websites. An ability to set up goals for online store sales is also available. If your need as a client is to push keywords on a certain product, you want to see your return on investment. This is where goals are essential. Goals like these help you see which keywords word and which are not very useful. Online advertising gives you powerful reporting on who viewed your website and which keywords are worth paying. With these powerful reporting features, you don’t take the shotgun approach and hope someone sees your add in a newspaper.

Millions of people search on the  internet daily. When a consumer is looking for something like a new TV or a car, their first thought is to search on Google. They simply open their phone browser and search on Google. This is why it is very important to have an intuitive website with as mush information as possible. It should also be easy to use and work on any device.

Yes, ApexSystems develops what we call responsive websites. These websites are optimised to work in any major browser like Google Chome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft internet Explorer. Not only will they work on desktop browsers, but we also insure that they work on mobile platform browsers.

E-commerce is an online store platform. It allows end users to purchase and pay for goods online.E-commerce stores also integrate with payment gateways to provide you with a method of processing credit card payments.