The The Mattress Warehouse is a true example of a successful e-Commerce website. SwiftCom runs the Mattress Warehouse’s development, website maintenance and social media.

SwiftCom Developed the entire Kooi Beds website from end to end. This is a first of its kind in South Africa.

The website is built entirely in GatsbyJS with a fully functional eCommerce backend.

We were able to decouple the backend and frontend from each-other, entirely. In the background, a WordPress CMS runs to store all content. Experience Kooi Beds for yourself.

SwiftCom creative, is immensely honoured to have worked with Matthew Mole on numerous projects. Our photographer, Louw Lemmer was Matthew’s personal photographer for his 2017 Huawei Joburg Day show, as well as his 2018 Huawei K Day show and more.
SwiftCom proudly provides website maintenance and security for Master Drilling (JSE listed global leader in specialised drilling solutions). We also host their entire platform and keep the site super fast, 24/7. SwiftCom recently improved Master Drilling’s load time with 640%.
SwiftCom developed and reimagined the Canada Abroad online platform. It is an e-Commerce website that focuses on a booking system. SwiftCom also assists Canada Abroad with all maintenance, SEO and Social Media.

SwiftCom creative photographer, Louw Lemmer, worked with GoodLuck on a personal PR and social media photoshoot in Cape Town, South Africa.

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