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CIO Management

It is generally agreed that operating in virtually all businesses today, is only possible with a solid Information and Communication Technology (ICT) foundation.  ICT strategy, systems and solutions are all fundamental in the support of enterprise goals.

Unfortunately, many SMME’s cannot afford to appoint the sought-after skills of an ICT Director / Chief Information Officer / Chief Technology Officer (CIO or CTO).  CIOs or CTO’s are a fundamental part of any business that utilizes technology and data. They are vital to mitigate the gulf in existence between roles carried out by IT staff vs business staff.   The purpose is to create an effective working relationship.  A mere understanding of just business or just IT has proven insufficient.  There is a very real divide between IT and business, each apparently heading in its own direction.  This is both unfortunate and detrimental to business.  It is also completely unnecessary.

This is where SwiftCom offers a solution.  We boast with years of CIO / CTO experience in a wide range of industries.  Our e-Commerce and strategic ICT Management skills and experience bridges the ICT – Business divide.  We believe that IT owes its existence to business, IE, IT does not exist because of and for its own benefit.  It must understand business, align to business and empower business.  We understand where ICT fits, and why.  We are intimately aware of the power of an enabling ICT department and offer both hands-on, fixed term, contracting services and/or mentoring services for a fixed duration, where the aim is to transfer skills to incumbent or up-and-coming ICT management, ensuring that the focus changes from ICT, for the sake of ICT, to ICT for the sake of business enablement.

The outcome of our services are:

Fully developed ICT strategy – developed in cooperation with business and aligned to business ideals and goals:

  • Commercial ICT strategy
  • Infrastructure strategy
  •  Management strategy
  •  ICT staffing strategy

Hands-on implementation of such strategy – if required.

Mentoring of incumbent ICT Management staff.

Conflict resolution consultation – identifying the root cause of conflict, building strategies to resolve conflict, and assisting with the implementation of such strategies.

Advice on strategic outsourcing:

  • Compiling Requests for proposal
  • Outsourcing vendor vetting
  • Outsourcing contracting

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