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Content is king. It surrounds our every move and makes itself known through almost every facet of our daily lives. Visuals have become such a vital part of the modern world that it simply cannot be ignored. In fact, it so important to be visually savvy, that a company’s very existence could depend on the content they share. 

At SwiftCom, our approach to content creation conforms to the premium level of our development strategy. We work tirelessly to create unique, beautiful and high-quality visuals that will bolster your brand’s online story. To boost this service, we have partnered with photographer and creative director, LouwLemmer. The visuals of his work speak volumes, transforming the way in which customers will perceive your brand.

We can assist you with any creative project. Whether you require comprehensive photographs of your products, graphic design for your website, content creation for social media or videos that show off your brand, we have you covered. With the help of Louw and his creative team, SwiftCom will meticulously ensure that your needs are understood and executed to the level you desire. Our approach focuses on a step-by-step creative process that will ensure you get the best possible experience.


Why is photography important? Take a second to think about your life. Consider your commute to and from work, the images you see on ads while you scroll through Facebook and the visuals that make up your favourite websites. Surely you get our drift. Everything is made up of photos, of course, text, animation, and videos are included in this list. But, for the sake of this argument, we’ll analyse photography. It’s everywhere. On billboards, products, websites and social media. Photographs make up a core part of modern life. Although this seems like a simple concept to understand, many businesses still do not adopt a premium photography service. Yet, the most successful businesses do (look at any sports brand for example).

The reason why big companies afford a big budget for photography is centered around the sheer return on investment it will bring. But, there’s even more. Having great photos will also aid in a brand’s ability to present its personality. Think of this in terms of a physical shop. Employees are usually clean, well dressed and presentable. This ethic conveys a strong message of respect and morals. The same concept will apply to photography. Investing in quality photographs will assure your audience that, not only are you proud of your product, but you also care about who views it.  If your content quality is poor, it will display a lack of interest, effort, and personality. Herein lies the sheer importance of our sentiment. How can your brand expect customers to spend their money on your product if you are not willing to invest in showcasing your product or service in the best light? It’s all about that visual reward.

We understand and value how important it is to be proud of your work. We also realise how vital it is that customers notice your pride. You have to value and invest in yourself if you expect your company to grow. In a modern world that consumes content with more vigor than food, you’ll want quality photography. We can help you achieve this goal.


​We do not want to take you through the same lecture. But the photography sentiment above applies to video as well. It is important. Video provides you with a diverse opportunity to showcase and sell your brand’s personality, product, or services. Videos are also quickly becoming the most interactive platform utilised by brands. The growth of YouTube and the rise of apps like TikTok place key emphasis on the importance of investing in quality videos. Quite simply, it is relevant, which is what you want to be in the age of social media.

Video does come with an increased cost. But, with a unique and creative strategy, video can be a gold mine. You just have to pick up your pickaxe and dig into it.

Animation & Graphic Design

We love animation. Everyone loves animation. And, yes, it is vital and relevant. If you visit any quality brand’s social media pages, you’ll quickly see how they utilise design, animation or both. Similar to video, animation is a highly relevant and versatile means of promotion. It is one of the key ingredients to the dinner party approach to marketing. Animation allows you to tell a vivid story – fully controlled by you – with highly creative and interactive elements. It is one of the most rewarding and engaging means of social media content creation. The great thing about this approach is that, although it can be just as expensive as video, you can start it from a smaller budget.

More about Photography at SwiftCom.

Louw has an incredible knack for seeing a moment – whether it be candid or fleeting – and capturing it through his creative perspective. He is also well-adapt at capturing moments that require a more creative style. A key approach of his is to use people in photos, as it is an effective way of speaking to the viewer by providing them with a sense of scale and context. Louw is also an eager adventurer who is motivated by the mysteries and stories that awaits across the globe. He rarely sits still and works immensely hard in pursuit of his photography passion.

Leave it to the experts

SwiftCom is a team of highly qualified and talented software and infrastructure engineers who strive to provide our clients with the best eCommerce and online experience. Together with our team of designers, we create world class platforms.

We make use of technologies like Google Cloud Platform, Redis Object caching, Cloud Flare CDN, WordPress, React Frameworks and many more.

Our Head Office is in Pretoria and we have a regional office in Cape Town.  

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