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More About eCommerce Web Development at SwiftCom.

In South Africa, eCommerce web development has been a steadily growing industry, especially over the last couple of years. As with the rest of the world, almost every relevant retailer has invested into eCommerce web development. The popularity and clear necessity of an eCommerce presence has since caused a significant growth in the South-African web development market.

For the last 25 years, the internet has grown into an essential tool for almost every industry. eCommerce web development, as done by SwiftCom, is the creation of a website in a manner that includes original graphic design, effective web layouts, creative content creationsearch engine optimisation, and the setting up of a virtual store with all of its digital mechanisms . eCommerce web development is a necessary industry that can contribute to the growth of a company if applied correctly, or lead to its downfall if ignored entirely.

eCommerce web Development by SwiftCom

When done correctly, the creation of a website is like a work of art; it’s eye catching, unique and can even elicit a strong emotional response. A website has virtually an unlimited amount of uses and can become an incredibly useful marketing tool for a company; utilised for sharing necessary information or for selling products via eCommerce.  Website design and app design in Pretoria has allowed many a company to expand their business’ horizons beyond what they thought would be possible.

At SwiftCom, website development is done by leading web specialists. It takes great skill and attention to detail to create an effective and properly laid out website. Our team of website development specialists at SwiftCom in Pretoria, apply the various aspects that have been identified as fundamental techniques for effective website development:

When a website is overcrowded with content and images, it is exceptionally difficult to make sense of, and this will make it more likely that visitors will leave your website in favour of a competitor’s. Having a website that is packed with too much content will overwhelm those who are visiting the website, tiring them and driving them away from the site. A website is effective when there are appropriately sized open spaces, as this creates a flow between the content. Proper content flow will make it easier to read and understand. Our website development team in Pretoria creates neatly spaced websites that make the content easy to read.

A website should always be easy to use, and all information on the site should be readily available through the use of a soundly designed navigation system. The effectiveness of a website can be measured by noting how easily a customer can find exactly what they are looking for. The faster they find it, the more effective your website is – and vice versa. A great website will avoid using too many navigation menus, and will instead opt for simple, but effective, navigational system that guides the user through the website.

A website without contact details will not be effective. Website development at SwiftCom, in Pretoria, always ensures that a client has a contact page or at least visible contact information. Contact information does not necessarily have to take the form of a separate page. For example, contact info for a business can be included in a header or a navigation panel. In order for a website to be effective, contact information should be as complete as possible and include all of the ways in which you can be contacted. Clients can also choose to have a “contact us” page, which will include a contact form that can be filled out and submitted as a request for more information. For a website to be effective, contact information should be very easy to find. Contact information is exceptionally important for any website and our development team is very aware of this fact.

Including information that will give a visitor of your website sufficient background information about your company, is more than just a fancy extra page to add to your website. The “About us” page will give you and your company credibility. An “About us” page should not be too long or complex, as it has to convey information about your company’s background, past achievements, and motivation, without losing the attention of your visitor. An effective “About us” page will frequently include a photo of your team, so as to create a more personal relationship with your visitor – a good way to build trust.

Over the many years that websites have been around, images have proven time and again to be more effective than text. Images are more memorable and tend to generate more interest. Images are talking points and are great pieces of content that can be applied to a website. When a website uses a combination of text and images, it becomes a highly effective informational and marketing tool.

Website development at SwiftCom, in Pretoria, assists in the growth of your company by helping your business stand out from its competitors, via the use of high quality web development and the creation of original content.

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