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More About eCommerce Web Development at SwiftCom.

For the last 25 years, the internet has grown into an essential tool for almost every industry. eCommerce web development, as done by SwiftCom, is the creation of a website in a manner that includes, but not limited to:

  • Original graphic design
  • Effective web layouts
  • Creative content creation
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Setting up of a virtual store with all of its digital mechanisms.
  • Assistance with payment gateways.
    • We even offer a payment gateway that doesn’t require your users to redirect.

eCommerce web development is a necessary industry that can contribute to the growth of a company if applied correctly, or lead to its downfall if ignored entirely. In some cases, an eCommerce site can account for up to 50% of a business’ total revenue.

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Why eCommerce?

Reach Millions, Instantly

An eCommerce website allows a business to expand their reach beyond their physical locations. Unlike brick and mortar stores, which need to attract physical visits, online stores can attract users from related websites or industries. Therefore you’re more likely to reach new users. An eCommerce store also enables a business to expand their online presence by building an audience on social media or other forum platforms, allowing their customers to share the website with like minded users.

With traditional media a customer will only learn of a business through word of mouth, coincidentally seeing what they were looking for in an advertisement, or by visiting a brick and mortar store by chance. An eCommerce website adds an additional avenue for discovery by allowing users to search online for a product or service that they need and finding your business as a result. These online discoveries can also be helped through advertising campaigns and improving your store’s performance in organic search results.

One of the Fastest growing markets

eCommerce is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, growing markets in South Africa, and in the world. From 2018 to 2019 the total revenue in US Dollar of the eCommerce market in South Africa showed a year on year growth rate of 13.6 %, whereas the total GDP, in US Dollar, had a year on year growth rate of only 1.2 %. Internationally speaking, the eCommerce market had a year on year growth rate of 13.3 %, compared to a year on year increase in global GDP of only 3 %.

While this market is growing rapidly, it provides ample opportunity for new players to enter. By acting sooner rather than later a business can engage with their own target audience and create a growing user base before the market becomes oversaturated by competitors. Due to the growing nature of the eCommerce market, both in revenue and in users, it is possible for small businesses to use an eCommerce website to directly reach customers that they would traditionally only be able to reach by engaging the services of a middleman with a wider reach.

Know your audience, from day one.

With an eCommerce store you know the interests and behaviour of each of your customers. Stats you can gather on your audience with tools like Google Analytics include:

  • What products and pages your customers view.
  • Which areas they live in.
  • What time of day they tend to visit your website.
  • The age group they belong to.
  • The types of products they’re interested in.
  • And many more.

These stats are very difficult to collect with a brick and mortar store or warehouse.

With the additional knowledge on your customer base, you can tailor their online experience to show better matching products or even show them new uses for products that they may not have considered before. This knowledge can then be used to better tailor ads and campaigns to reach the correct audience from the beginning. The result: Online advertising is cheaper, faster and more accurate than ever before.

Additional tools and services can also be utilised to better convert clients into leads. At SwiftCom, we’re also able to integrate your with AI modules that can automate things like newsletter sending or Google Display ads. As your audience evolves, so does your marketing. That’s another major upside of using eCommerce to grow your business.

What's Important?

See it as another physical store

The purpose of your eCommerce website will be to drive revenue. Be it through generating awareness and expanding your reach, or by facilitating purchases, your eCommerce site will have an effect on your business’s total revenue. In some businesses, eCommerce could account for up to 50% of total revenue. Due to this fact, great effort should go into expanding and improving your eCommerce website. A successful eCommerce website could do the same amount of revenue than 3 or 4 physical stores. It should therefore be treated as equally important and receive attention, accordingly. Furthermore, every branch of a business has running costs such as maintenance, staff and continual improvements. Your website should be no different.

Spend on Ads

In modern eCommerce more than 50% of website traffic is driven by ads. Advertising is essential to leading customers to your website and keeping your site present in their minds. By having a monthly online advertising budget you continuously improve your reach, and by monitoring the data you can improve your advertising to better reach your targeted audience. Advertising is a crucial component in getting customers to your website. Conversion tracking scripts allow us to track how efficient ads are, and therefore instantly calculate ROI.

Easy checkout and payments

If you already have a potential customer on your website, it is very important to keep them there. Do not confuse the customer when they’re trying checkout. Don’t overburden them with a cumbersome process, because it is very easy for the customer to close the browser window if they’re frustrated.

The checkout process should be quick and easy. The customer should feel comfortable when they are giving you their hard-earned money, because an uncomfortable customer is more likely to just give up and spend their money elsewhere. We understand this and through experience, we know how to keep your checkout process easy, uncluttered and trustworthy.

Why Us?

Our Process

We use the Agile Software Development methodology, which means that we strive to be easily adaptable to change. This allows us to effectively solve problems for an ever changing market. We continually test our products to prevent issues from ever reaching your customers, and we believe in continual feedback with our clients to make sure that you are always happy with the progress being made on your website. For larger projects we prefer daily feedback sessions through video conferencing so that we can make sure that we’re attending to the issues that are most important to you.

We prefer working in week-long “sprints”, where we plan beforehand what we’ll be working on. This is then communicated to the client to make sure their priorities are taken care of. Smaller maintenance issues or critical issues that arise, are evaluated on a case by case basis and addressed based on priority.

Our Case Studies

The Mattress Warehouse

We are responsible for the maintenance and development of The Mattress Warehouse’s eCommerce stores. We have managed to increase their annual sales by more than 80% year on year.

The owners of The Mattress Warehouse are so happy with the quality of our work that they commissioned us to custom develop kooibeds.com for them, which is a bespoke design, catered for their exact needs.

Leave it to the experts

SwiftCom is a team of highly qualified and talented software and infrastructure engineers who strive to provide our clients with the best eCommerce and online experience. Together with our team of designers, we create world class platforms.

We make use of technologies like Google Cloud Platform, Redis Object caching, Cloud Flare CDN, WordPress, React Frameworks and many more.

Our Head Office is in Pretoria and we have a regional office in Cape Town.  

Wolter Miske
Hi, the Swiftcom team are busy making a new website for our business, WireWorx at the moment, and we can honestly recommend them to any new customer, we are very happy with their service!! Regards Wolter
Philip Klopper
I am so glad we found Swiftcom to work with us, they are an exceptional team and very knowledgeable in what they do. Thank you guys for the great service and keep up the good work!
Werner Lans
Been using the services of Apex Systems and Swiftcom for the past 2 years and will recommend them others. They are professional and always look ahead to enhance your website and the user experience.
Hanno Coetzee
Chris and his colleagues give me great peace of mind when handling my website requirements with both the designing and the development. Their approach to security is phenomenal and ensures that my website is safe and that I can sleep at night.

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