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Do you have a WordPress site with many plugins? If the answer is yes, consider this fact. Plugins need to be developed by someone. They might be on the WordPress repository for free, but someone still had to invest a lot of time to get it there.

This is why plugins sometimes have free versions and premium versions. The developers have to make money somehow.

Have you been to the WordPress library to look for a plugin and couldn’t find something that fits your exact needs? If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. At SwiftCom, we specialise in WordPress plugin development. We’ve developed plugins for Analytics integration, product feeds, down-payment calculators, you name it, we can develop it.

Development Languages

Our team is proficient in PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React, GatsbyJS, Python and C++. We’re able to develop and design any custom plugin needs you might have.

Recent Plugins

One of our recent and most interesting plugins works with the WordPress API to add additional endpoints. When we build custom eCommerce sites, our Gatsby compiler requires additional information from WooCommerce to compile. We built a plugin for WordPress that exposes the additional information to an API endpoint and handles authentication requests as well.

Plugins you Might Need

Some features in WooCommerce like carts, for instance, isn’t’ exposed to the API. If you would like to make use of WooCommerce as a backend only by building your own front-end, you still need cart functionality. In a case like this, you’ll need to build your own plugin to handle these cart sessions. If you don’t have the required skills to build such a plugin, we’re able to assist in that regard.

How we Handle the Process

If you have a specific requirement for a plugin, we’ll do some market research to see whether there isn’t an existing plugin out there that we might be able to customise for your needs.

Leave it to the experts

SwiftCom is a team of highly qualified and talented software and infrastructure engineers who strive to provide our clients with the best eCommerce and online experience. Together with our team of designers, we create world class platforms.

We make use of technologies like Google Cloud Platform, Redis Object caching, Cloud Flare CDN, WordPress, React Frameworks and many more.

Our Head Office is in Pretoria and we have a regional office in Cape Town.  

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