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How SwiftCom can Help You

Online Store Development

Looking to start an online store for your business?

Join in on an industry that’s rapidly growing every day. If you don’t you could be losing out on big opportunities to grow your business.

SwiftCom specialises in building custom eCommerce stores that suit your business needs. You can find out more on our eCommerce Development page.

Website Optimisation

Struggling with a super slow website? Saw your Google Pages speed result and have no idea how to fix those errors? You’ve come to the right place to solve all those problems.

At SwiftCom, we specialise in optimising websites so they load super fast. We specifically focus on the WordPress CMS, however, if you have a custom built project, we’re also able to assists as our full-stack engineers have experience in many different stacks.

Search Engine Optimisation

Do you struggle with technical SEO implementation?  Not sure what all those Yoast settings are? SwiftCom is able to assist you with any technical SEO implementation on your website.

Our SEO packages don’t guarantee your website to rank instantly, we don’t believe that SEO is an instant result. In fact, SEO is years of work and requires loads of effort.

However, SwiftCom is able to implement everything that your website requires in order to rank well in your industry.

Plugin Development

Went onto the WordPress plugin repo and didn’t find the exact plugin you’re looking for? Or perhaps you have a need to customise an existing plugin?

SwiftCom is able to develop any custom WordPress plugins. Our team has years of experience in many development languages including PHP, JavaScript, Python, React, C++, HTML and CSS. 

When it comes to WordPress, almost anything is possible with a plugin.

Brand Photography and Content Creation

Need a few new shots of your products? Perhaps you don’t have any great images of your team? Because visual content is so important on website, premium photography is also a service we offer to our clients.

Our photographer, LouwLemmer, has worked with many premium brands before. We’re proud to say that he’s even the personal photographer of Matthew Mole!

Content Writing

Product descriptions or website content is essential to communicate everything around your brand online. We have a premium content writing team that can write everything from product descriptions to brand blogs.

Leave it to the experts

SwiftCom is a team of highly qualified and talented software and infrastructure engineers who strive to provide our clients with the best eCommerce and online experience. Together with our team of designers, we create world class platforms.

We make use of technologies like Google Cloud Platform, Redis Object caching, Cloud Flare CDN, WordPress, React Frameworks and many more.

Our Head Office is in Pretoria and we have a regional office in Cape Town.  

Your Company Needs e-Commerce.
Here’s Why.

We live in a rapidly changing world, especially when it comes to the online market place. More and more brands and businesses are making use of the world wide web and social media in a bid to expand their presence and ability to remain competitive. Globally, e-Commerce trends are growing significantly. In 2016, global e-Commerce sales stood at over $22 trillion, which was a 6% increase from 2015. Predictions claim that we’ll see global eCommerce sales exceeding $27.7 billion by 2020. The online sales market is growing, and it’s doing so at an incredible pace.

e-Commerce in South Africa

South Africa’s trends are no different. The Rainbow Nation’s forecasted online expenditure is expected to grow to more than R53 Billlion by 2018. Although e-Commerce picked up slowly in South Africa, the last year alone, has seen the market grow to over R37.1 billion. Mobile commerce statistics have also grown significantly, with a forecasted 128% increase by 2018. Stats like these prove the immense benefit of e-Commerce to online retailers.

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