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Apex Creative Studios

Where creative daydreams become reality

Apex Creative Studios is the combination of years of hard work, patience and the joining of forces between Louw Lemmer and SwiftCom. Our Creative studios is an effort to expand with the skills we have as a team. SwiftCom has always been an IT Company with deep roots in web development, management and security. Our growth and constant search to provide the best service has been a paramount factor within our decision to launch Apex Creative Studios. The online world is massive. The online world walks hand in hand with content creation and social media. The decision to use the creatives we already had to pursue Apex creative avenues, was completely natural.


Creating Content For Brands

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Content is super important for any business. The better and more powerful your visuals, the better. The aesthetics showcased on your website or social media is of incredible value to your brand. Just think of the level of trust that you create by showing visuals that show a clear effort. Beauty stands out, especially to customers who are parting with their hard-earned cash. Showing effort goes an immense distance in any brand’s bid to convince customers to purchase their product. A key example of this is Apple (You can take almost any big company as an example). They clear spend an insane amount of money on beautiful visuals, strong marketing and also a keen perfectionism within the design of their products. Without content that matches the beautiful designs and ideas, a company will not be able to prove anything to clients over the world wide web.

Creative Freedom

Do yourself a favour by looking at all your favourite artists. Whether it be on Instagram, National Geographic artists or any other form where you appreciate someone’s art. If you look closely at all those artists, you’ll possibly notice what they all have in common. Yes, they all have ideas, skills and talents, but the one important thing the have in common is creative freedom. This concept is of paramount importance to the success of every single successful artist. You cannot perform to the top of your personal abilities if you’re trapped in someone else’s ideals and limits. What artists who succeed need, is creative freedom. Creativity cannot be compress or dictated. Creativity is born within someone who has been allowed to have the freedom of choice and ideas. As a business, the best approach with a creative is to give them a creative skeleton. At Apex, we believe that this approach guides a creative without dictating them. The creative skeleton approach focuses on awarding an artist the freedom of choice, while giving them a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. You are guiding the creative, without dictating them. The commercial value of this concept is immense. You are essentially giving and artist creative freedom, while also getting the final product that you need.