5 Tips For New e-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Every great business started exactly where you are right now. In fact, it is highly likely that a surprising amount of businesses started from a less fortunate position than you might find yourself in. The only difference between you and a successful entrepreneur (assuming you’re yet to start your own business)  is the fact that they decided to actively pursue that one great idea. But, building a successful e-commerce business is about more than just an idea. Over the years SwiftCom has helped many entrepreneurs to grow their ideas into successful brands. Today, I want to share that knowledge with you. Hopefully, this might also ignite that burning desire for success within you. 

The Future Is Now

Start today, within the hour or right now, if you have to. Don’t stagnate. In fact, you should read through this blog and start your business immediately after finishing. This tip is very basic, which also means its incredibly underrated. Why is it so difficult to start right now though? There are three answers to this question, of which one or all can apply to you. 

  1. Attention Span. Research suggests that the average human attention span has dropped below the 9 seconds of a goldfish. I am going to assume that you’re not the average person – seriously, you’ve kept up thus far. But, admittedly, we’ve all given up on that e-commerce business because of a loss of interest.
  2. Stagnation, aka, laziness. I am not here to call anyone out. But it takes only a second of introspection to realise that chilling on the couch while watching Netflix seems way more appealing than starting an e-commerce business. Or, that’s just what the lazy bug in you wants you to think. Work hard now, so you can relax in more comfort later in life. 
  3. Fear Of The Known.  Usually, it’s the unknown that scares us. But, the last reason that might be hindering you from starting an e-commerce company now, might be that which you fear. You’re afraid of not being smart enough. You’re afraid that your idea isn’t creative enough. You’re afraid of failure. To this, I’ll pat you on the back and say: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Life and business are full of different fears. But, if you learn to overcome and adapt to it, success waits around the corner. I will say a little more about this later. 

Whether any of these reasons apply is completely up to you. But, if you realise that attention, laziness and fear are just stepping stones, you will transform into someone who takes action. The future is now. 

Spend Money

I can feel you cringing right now. Don’t worry, it is natural to reluctantly part from your hard-earned cash. But, how can you expect someone to part with their cash by buying our product if you cannot do the same in order to improve? The essence of being an entrepreneur is thinking outside of the box and taking the right risk at the right time. The tip here is quite simple, the more you spend the more you’ll make (obviously this is subject to your ability to make wise decisions and employ a savvy online partner). 

If you are serious about your e-commerce brand, learn how to spend today. Nothing is a guarantee, but with enough determination, you will make back every cent. Always remember, the man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.

Employ a Strong Development And Creative Agency

Through the years SwiftCom has had many clients whom have come from bad developer experiences. Though we have always been incredibly grateful for the work, it remains tragic. So many hopeful entrepreneurs have flushed money down the drain because they were not prepared to spend money on a capable online partner. You might retain cash flow today, but in the long run, you will almost surely lose. SwiftCom would be very eager to assist you with professionalism and enthusiasm from day one. Contact us today

Advertise and Advertise Some More

Advertise as much as possible from as early as you can. I want to urge you to take this piece of advice very seriously.  Few things are as important to a modern business as getting your name out there. This fact is especially important within the highly competitive environment most businesses find themselves in. Advertising will help an audience to find you. It will also afford your business with the opportunity to stand out. A creative company like SwiftCom can help you design ads that will ensure you’re distinguishable from your competitors. These ads will also be optimised for conversions and awareness. 

Still not sure about spending a lot on advertising? Well, we have a brilliant and apt comment from Henry Ford for you: “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

Fail Forward

My fifth and final tip that has been very applicable over the years is to urge you not to worry about failure. Obviously I want you to be wary of making catastrophic errors that will impact your business and those who rely upon you. Don’t be reckless. But also stay away from fearing failure and remember to learn. We have a fun tip that you can try out: 

Make a list with your failures and successes. Plot the lessons you’ve learned from failure and assess how those lessons have helped you be more successful. 

I am confident that you will be able to apply lessons learnt from failure as a direct contributor to the successes you’ve enjoyed. Ultimately, that’s just how life is in general. We stumble and learn to open our eyes next time. I really hope that you’ll tackle those pesky failures with a positive attitude from now on. And, I am also really hopeful that you learnt something new from reading this blog. If your business needs a dedicated and expert online partner, SwiftCom is just one email or phone call away. Don’t stagnate. Contact us today.