Creating Content For A Gin Brand


With easing restrictions on the lockdown alcohol ban in South Africa, alcoholic brands have started trading again. Although limited between Mondays and Thursdays, brands have seen a huge and very welcome surge in sales. The sudden demand has also been profitable for creatives. Companies need to advertise, which has seen an increase in the demand for content creators. This is where SwiftCom comes in.

The Brand

25 Degrees South is a micro-distillery that was founded in South Africa’s Jacaranda City, Pretoria. The brand is best known for its handcrafted Magalies Gin and award-winning Pathfinder Rum. As a brand, 25 Degrees South invokes a deep sense of travel and adventure in the hearts of the thirsty story-teller. The brand is perfect for bold explorers and avid listeners. It is meant to be enjoyed with friends while reminiscing over captivating memories. 25 Degrees South is and will always be an experience. At SwiftCom, we are immensely proud to have been involved with the content creation for such a proud brand.

Creating Content

Let’s dive into the fun part. Creating content is always one of the most exciting and important things when it comes to building a brand. In this case, it was no different. And yes, it is also fun to sample the product after a long photography session. 

Gluh Gin Shoot

The purpose of the first shoot that we did with 25 Degrees South was specifically centred around creating stories and adding value. The story focused around visuals that have a beginning and an end. Take the Gluh Gin as an example. The story is a chronological account of the start, middle and end of creating a delicious wintery gin drink. In this process, we carefully documented all parts of this journey. But how does this add value? Well, as a mixology genius, Johan developed the entire recipe which was shared to the brand’s followers. Hence, by being attracted to the story, 25 Degree South’s audience was rewarded with a recipe which could be replicated at home. In essence, this is the most valuable form of marketing that you could do. It is, quite appropriately, called the ‘dinner party’ approach which focuses on reward and conversation. Here are a few photos that might make you very thirsty.

Like the look of this drink? We actually have the recipe, which you can find in the Instagram post below.

The Aesthetics

Another facet of our signature content creation service is to focus on details. We really love capturing the aesthetic of the scene and subject. During this shoot, we paid particular attention to the gin bottle itself, as well as the elements that make up the drink that Johan was mixing. Capturing the finer details of a scene is a fantastic way in which you can add value and context to the overall visual story. And, let’s be honest, we all also love seeing those textures up close and personal. Hence, without further delay, here are some of our favourite aesthetics form the shoot.

Plot Twist

Versatility is the essence of gin. It is arguably one of the best spirits when it comes to mixology. There are a plethora of different ways in which you can make a dark with gin. From hot and spicy to cold and sweet, everything is possible and irresistibly delicious. The great part about this is the plot twist that our visual story had. One moment we were focused on creating a value add wintery gin drink and the next moment we had a refreshing and cool concoction. The great part about this sudden change is the fact that we had the opportunity to create an entirely new angle without having to change much. Furthermore, the icy drink also provides the opportunity of appealing to a wide audience (some people might be more enticed by a colder drink). We also did not change anything in terms of setting. After all, the two drinks are inherently similar. However, with the colder Gluh gin drink, we did manage to capture the full spectrum of Johan’s creativity. Have a look.


Like most good stories, our photoshoot with 25 Degrees South ended on a high note. Yes, we did get to sample the subject of the shoot and yes, it tasted just as good as it looks. But what did we look for in the ending? Well, the main aim was to create an ending that made sense. Of course, since the entire shoot focused on creating drinks that would add value, we aimed directly at the drink itself. From there we used a human and celebratory element to add a tangible sense of relatability to the mix. We didn’t want to end by merely showcasing what Johan created. We wanted to show the experience, and with the help of his lovely fiance, Jess, we did just that. Have a look below. And with that, cheers.