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Premium Content Writing

Premium Content Writing

More About Premium Content Writing at SwiftCom.

In a world filled with clickbait news, dishonest companies, black hat SEO practices, and many ways to take shortcuts through the digital landscape, we believe that producing quality content, thoroughly reviewed to eliminate errors, written factually, with a bit of creative flair thrown into the mix, is the best way to stand apart from the crowd. In accordance with our own policy, and a policy at Google that discourages plagiarism by dropping the page rank of sites guilty of it, we only write original content.

We understand that content writing needs to serve both readers and search engines. By producing premium content, tweaked just enough to be search-engine friendly, we deliberately engage both parties. People want to read quality content, that is, something engaging and informative, while search engines are designed to find what people want to read – engaging and informative content. Shortcuts on the content writing front are counterproductive. Your content is your online face. It is your digital office building. This is what people will use to judge you, it is also, although this is less frequently realised, what Google uses to judge you. Google crawls your website, analyses the quality of your written content, and uses its judgment on this as one of the factors by which to rank your site. SwiftCom understands this, and we diligently work away to ensure the content we produce for you is of the highest quality while remaining affordable.

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